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Coaching & Guidance

At Prosper NWT, we have a team with expertise in a variety of areas including business planning, financial management, marketing, digital, and operations. We can help you navigate the system, connect with experts, and tap into the right resources.

System Navigation: Our team specializes in helping businesses effortlessly navigate government regulations, industry standards, and compliance requirements. We'll guide you through the red tape, so you can focus on growing your business.

Connecting with Experts: Access a network of industry experts and professionals who can provide valuable insights and guidance. Whether you need legal advice, financial expertise, or marketing know-how, we'll connect you with the right people.

Resource Access: We provide businesses with relevant resources, including grants, funding opportunities, and training programs. Maximize your growth potential by tapping into these valuable assets.

We offer free one-on-one consultations (in-person or by telephone or teleconference) to NWT entrepreneurs.

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